About the Artist

In my artwork, my goal is to illuminate darkness and to reveal and expose the “negativity” in the world that most people try to ignore. I seek to expose and reveal aspects of the world people tend to ignore; that people perceive negatively and perhaps not choose to perceive at all. While revealing these things (this darkness) it is extremely important for me to focus on the inherent, delicate beauty that lies within these shadows.

With this work, I hope to encourage people to embrace the “negative” and find that which will allow them to enjoy the “positive” to its fullest potential. In a universe where everything is interconnected, there is a beauty and purpose to everything, we just need to open our eyes and see.

A lot of my inspiration is derived from studying tibetan buddhism, in both concept and artwork; The philosophical concept of non duality, and the aesthetics of the beautiful tibetan symbols and alluring mandalas. Mandalas are a spiritual and ritual symbol in hinduism and buddhism representing the universe to describe this non duality or wholeness of everything. I incorporate mandalas in many of my pieces to emphasize the interconnectivity of all things.. The nature of my work is extremely detail oriented. I enjoy creating detailed pen drawing and intricate designs. I also have a passion for jewelry making, with a focus on pendents and rings. My hopes are that my delicately detailed work will remind people of the delicacy of life, the constant becoming and fading of all things, the impermanence of everything, and the precious, lovely, fleeting nature that lies within everything.